Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today was the first day of tutoring!! We had 15 kids from 8-11 this morning. I helped Yessenia with her kids, they are so cute and they are all going into the first grade. It is this first time I think anyone has ever called me “miss” before, although it is so funny because when the kids say it, it sounds more like “meeez” hahaha. I had to help them with pronunciations so I would write certain words on the board and we would practice saying them and then I would put sentences up on the board and we would practice saying those as well. I wanted them to actually understand the sentences though so I would ask them what it was in Spanish and if they didn’t know, which they normally didn’t, I would have to say the sentence again in Spanish and then repeat it in English. They were so good and did really well today. They are so precious because they were really shy at first and then when I started asking them questions like how many brothers and sister they have they would all want to talk at once and tell me how they have cousins and uncles and aunts living with them too! Haha too cute. Anyway, we spent the first half of the morning with the younger kids and then after their recess (which consisted of the boys playing soccer  and eating empenadas which I really wanted to eat for them!) I had to move into the other classroom with the older kids. In this class they really wanted me to speak only in English but it was hard because I felt bad for them when they didn’t get something…I mean I know exactly how it feels!!! We ended up, in the end, saying some things in Spanish if they were not understanding and then saying it again in English. I really think that is the best way to learn. I mean I know for me I just wish people could repeat what they say in Spanish in English so then I would know next time what it meant!!! So I would try to, when I could, say something in English, then in Spanish, then say it in English again one more time. It felt weird speaking in English today but I must admit it felt pretty good too, I was thinking, finally I understand what is going on!!!
Anyhow, once 11am rolled around the boys were back out playing soccer waiting for their parents to come and then before they left they would come up and give me a hug and say, “good bye miss” [gooud bye meeez]. I think that was the best part of the day. They are so polite and they always gives hugs. I just love it. These kids are so smart and they do not have much, however, they are learning and they want to learn and they are all younger than fifth grade and already speaking some English. They are going to be able to help their country someday. They are the future and thank God for that!!

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