Friday, July 3, 2009


Well it was Matt’s birthday today, he is officially 23… and I'm still the baby, still 20 but don’t worry I’ll be 21 by the time I get back!! (and then mom will be saying Donna how old are you? 22. Jenna how old are you? 21….mom’s favorite thing to do.)
Anyway, (without the s!) after Spanish class and talking to tia this afternoon Juliana took me to this little restaurant down the street and we ate baleadas. It is so interesting because there are hardly any restaurants here, about four or five in this town and none of them are named and none of them look like places to eat from the outside, or the inside really, but they all have great food, well the two that I have been to at least. At this place, you walk in, and there is just one small room with four or five plastic tables with little plastic chairs around. All of the tables are close together, so basically you are eating with whoever else is in the restaurant at that time. But either way you walk in, sit down, call out what you want and are served in 5 minutes. It is great food and they have the “good” coke, you know the kind in the bottle? But when you leave you have to leave your coke bottle so they can reuse them. I of course didn’t finish my coke so when I asked to take it to go the girl poured it in a plastic bag, stuck a straw in it and handed it back! It was really funny because I just walked home with a plastic bag full of coke and a blue straw jetting out. I guess no one else thought it was weird tho because that is how a lot of their liquids are stored here. People come into the pulperia all the time and buy little bags of water. They just tear one of the corners and drink it from the bag. The milk is in little plastic bags too. It’s very interesting. Different. And quite the sight!
I was also telling Tona and Elvira today about how the cheese at home taste different from the cheese here. Elvira always wants to know what kinds of foods I like and what I eat at home and she is very surprised that my dad actually cooks!.... The men here don’t!! Well some of them can but they never do. Anyway, now Elvira wants Matteo to bring Cheese from the U.S. when he comes!! Hahaha I don’t know how that will taste after a long day of traveling but I told her we will see what he can do! :)
The thunderstorms here are great. I love them. It usually rains every other night, or more if we are lucky. But the thunder starts as the clouds roll in about 4pm and the lightening flashes and the rain starts to pour. It really is so beautiful and there is nothing like it. The thunder is so incredibly loud it sounds as if the sky is breaking open right above your head. The only part I am not too fond of is the wind because then all of the doors are pushed open and smacked against the walls and then slammed back shut as all the black soot in the air is brought into your room and onto your bed. My bathroom also got pretty wet tonight. I have a window that is higher up that just has a screen on it so when it is raining and windy it can get a little slippery in there! But nothing I can’t handle and if it means more rain then I’ll take it. I wish you all could experience it. It is just so amazing to see and nothing I can explain or put into words. And then I love when mama Hilda puts her classical music on; it is so soothing. That and the combination of thunder, lighting and heavy rain I feel at peace.

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