Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This morning Juliana came to pick me up at the house and then we took the bus back to Cabanas. Cabanas is a little town about ten minutes from Santa Rita and surprisingly it is even smaller!! First we went to Juliana’s house where her cousin and another one of the teachers met us for lunch. Juliana’s mom made this amazing chicken, it was so good and I told Juliana I am going to come back every Saturday for lunch!! Anyway after spending some time with the family and looking at pictures we headed up to Marina’s house. It is about a twenty five minute walk up the mountain but so beautiful and definitely worth the trip. Families are always together here; everyone just sits and enjoys each other’s company throughout the day. Even with friends, no one ever asks “what are we going to do today?” everyone just hangs out and talks. It is so peaceful.
Hahaha which reminds me…. On our walk up to Marina’s house, there was this little girl, probably two or three years old, who came outside of her house with her pants down, squatted in the dirt and then started going to the bathroom right in front of us!! She was just farting away and going poo!! It was hilarious but smelly!!! We definitely passed by her house quickly!!
Later on when we got back to Juliana’s house I went to the bus stop around 4pm. I was the only one there and Juliana was telling me how normally the bus won’t go back into town unless it is full!!! Thankfully the bus driver, after about 20 minutes of waiting, took me back even though I was still the only one there but he didn’t make me pay for it either so that was good. I got back to the house and helped out for awhile in the pulperia. I am still trying to learn what everything is in the store and how much it costs so I can help out some more. I guess pointing always works too but I am learning…I think!!

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