Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 6

Today was a bittersweet day. This morning we went to one last school, which was the very first school that the missionaries built over here, and the kids were once again so precious. It was not too long of a drive but because of the rain, our trucks were slipping and sliding everywhere! Good thing Brewer and Thomas are both excellent drivers so we got there and back safely. I fell in love with one of the little boys there, Mario, I wanted to take him home with me!! He was so cute and when he spoke Spanish I thought I was going to die from his cuteness! Anyways, we gave the last of our stuff to the kids and parents and then headed back home. All of the missionaries were invited to Millie’s for lunch where we all ate empanadas (or in El Salvador they are called pupusas), pineapple and pastel. After our delicious lunch we took the missionaries to the construction site so they could see how Millie’s new school is coming along. After visiting for a little longer, the missionaries left. It was surprisingly really sad to see them go, I felt like they were a little piece of home for me while they were here and so it was sad to have to say good bye. It feels a little weird knowing that they will be back in the states tomorrow and I will not be there until November. Time seems to go by so slow over here so five months is now seeming like an eternity.

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