Friday, June 26, 2009


I showed tia all my pictures today of my family and friends and all of the teachers at the school wanted to see them as well. It is funny though because they all get so excited to see the pictures because for them the U.S. is so different and exciting. And they all say the pictures are "so pretty!!" They always say my mom and sisters are beautiful and that my dad looks very young. They also, of course, talk about how “guapo” matteo is. Of course.
I took a nap for 2 and a half hours today and my throat has been bothering me all day. I drank some lemon something or other today so I am hoping that will help and it will feel better tomorrow. I have Spanish again tomorrow, my last class for the week, THANK GOD. It will be the weekend soon and my second week here….seems like a month already!

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  1. well that second week went fast!! The first week is always the worst