Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting Close.........

So I leave tomorrow night at 12:30AM (so...technically Saturday morning but either way). Tomorrow morning Matt and I will go to his grandmas to have a nice breakfast of Papas and Chorizo. We'll probably spend the day making sure I have everything I need and crying and then he will drop me off later that night at the airport. :/ I will meet up with Kristin in Texas and will arrive in San Pedro Sula at 10:52AM. Mildred (aka Millie) will be waiting to pick me up. :) CRAZY!!!!!!!!
Who knows when I'll be able to get on the internet again but I'll definitely write when I get there!

Adios se cuida y Bienvenidos a Honduras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Jenna--Your dad can't be any more of you than I already am. 143 Papi

  2. Sorry J, in my last comment, I couldn't see I left out "proud" through the tears in my eyes! ;(

  3. Jenna: Enjoy every moment! This is a pivotal time in your life and the students!
    xooxxo Aunt Sharon