Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Week

One week! I think this has been one of the longest weeks in my life!! But at least I got through it! It was harder to sleep last night. I kept waking up all throughout the night and there were a lot of gun shots at one point. They were so loud they sounded like they were going to come straight through my room! When I woke up this morning Millie asked me if I had heard them so I guess it was not just a vivid dream after all!! Millie says that is why she does not like to be out late at night. Understandable.
This morning Millie and I went to Copan to drop off some quesadillas for a friend and her family. What they call quesadillas over here is a lot different than Mexico!! When we came back home I was off to do more school work AGAIN!! I have 7 pages written already for my family Org class and another 10 pages written for this book/paper we have to write all throughout our GLT.
I did get to hang out in the pulperia for a little while. I really like Elvira, Millie sister; she is so sweet. She is always encouraging me saying I will learn Spanish quickly. It does not seem that way by the looks of it!! But sometimes they say I sound like a Mexican! That’s because I am dating one!! Hahaha and I guess the Gonzalez family rubbed off on me. But Millie was saying that if she goes to Mexico she can barely understand people because they use so much slang. I said I know that is pretty much all the Spanish I learned on L.A. term!!


  1. Jenna: Life is quite different; you will make a n impression on all the ypung children thre, wonderful. I can imagine the fear factor at times; stand strong, as you do. I think you tried to 'skype' me earlier; hit the accept and was disconnected! Be well. Ciao. x00x0x Aunt Sharon

  2. Jenna: geeezzzz...typos! :) {{HUGS}} Miss ya!
    xoxoAunt sharon