Saturday, June 20, 2009

I do love when it rains here. It calms my heart and eases my soul. It makes me feel better. It takes the feelings of homesickness away. I love laying here in bed and listening to the rain against the roof. I hear people singing in the church every night. I hear the rooster’s constant cry and the dog barks that follow. Neither animal seems to miss a beat. Every so often the mango tree lets go of another piece of fruit and as it hits the tin roof one hears what sounds like a gun shot. The birds are tropical here and they seem to like the sound of their own song because it is continually playing. The thunder is incredibly here. I have never heard something so powerful and majestic than when the rain rushes down and the thunder roars, making everyone stop and listen to the power and beauty of nature. Then one can see the sky light up in only a temporary flash.

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