Friday, June 26, 2009


I had my Spanish class again today but most of the time as I'm sitting there with my tutor I am wonder whether or not it is really helping. It scares me when I start correcting her on some things (considering the fact that she is the Spanish teacher at the school) and at the fact that she does not speak any English. It can get pretty frustrating at times when I just want to be able to fully explain something and know that she is not thinking I am saying something else. But besides the tutoring part of it she is a very sweet girl. I am thankful that she is willing to help me (even though I do not think she has a choice :>)!
On to the more exciting things…..earlier this morning I walked into the bakery, the kitchen part of it, and saw three fish just laying on the counter ALIVE. They were slowly dying, trying to breathe although every breathe looked painful. Dona Tona thought it would be funny to splash some water on them so that they flopped around but I did not find it very amusing. It just got those poor little guy’s hopes up only to crash and burn with their next dry gasp. I mean I felt bad for the little guys but I just went back to my room and felt better. Out of sight out of mind I guess. Of course that does not apply to all of you however! :>
Anyways I went back into the bakery just now to find a chicken this time in that same spot. Its feathers had been plucked but the rest of him was there...head and all...and I seemed to have come in at the perfect time to see Melissa ripping his feet off, one toe at a time. I thought I was going to yarf. I mean I know I eat chicken and I love it but I never have to see that process, what happens to it before it goes into my mouth!! I hate that it makes me feel uncomfortable. I should be able to watch it if I am going to eat it right? But then again we are so spoiled at home and when I want to eat chicken by the time I get to it, it is already prepackaged or looking good between the mash potatoes and gravy on my plate! Either way I am definitely not eating chicken tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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