Monday, June 22, 2009


Early this morning at 4am there were more gun shots. This must be a routine….I don’t know who is shooting or what they are shooting at but I would sure like to tell them to keep it down!! But anyways, today was a really hard day in the beginning but thankfully it ended up being a good day. I woke up and cleaned my room. Every week we clean our rooms, sweeping our floors (because they are all tile), scrubbing the sink, shower and the toilet. And I already did my laundry and changed out my towels and emptied out the trash earlier this week but we have to do that too. You know just regular weekly cleaning…although I do not normally do that stuff at home!! :> I just cleaned and read A LOT for the first half of the day. I go to bed so early here… about 9 or 10 every night and then I wake up at 5:30 or 6am so everyday seems pretty long. And there is so much school work involved which I guess is good but never feels like it at the time…. And I thought about home a lot. It is difficult when I have a lot of down time because that is when my thoughts wander and think about being back at home with the fam and being surrounded by people I know and love.
But then, thankfully, in the middle of my homework Elvira came into my room and was saying “venga! venga! Vamanos. Quiere un cono??!” I had no idea what cono was and she does not speak any English so there was not an easy way to find out! But I went with her and she led me down the street to the ice cream shop. Hahaha I should have known oh an ice cream CONE. Make sense. It was so cute though because she just randomly wanted to buy me an ice cream cone to help me get through studying!! She is so sweet. And it is funny because she is the one who is always making cakes and cookies and bread in the bakery so she is gordita and she always has her arm resting on her stomach and always has a little piece of cake or something on the corner of her mouth! She likes to eat and she definitely likes to eat sweets…my kind of girl. :> We got back and then Millie and her mother and I went to get some coffee in Copan and stopped by her friend’s house (who is also a teacher at Los Pinos) and we sat and talked for a long time. She was so nice and she had the cutest daughter and cutest dog. I was so excited to see a healthy and CLEAN dog! You do not find too many of those around here!!
After leaving Copan we stopped by the construction site again to see what more they did today. We picked up three boys on the way, who are also Millie’s students, and then two more boys came and joined us at the site and the next thing you know, of course, the boys are playing soccer!! They were so cute and it is so funny because when they speak it is so freaking FAST!!!!! I just had to start laughing because they just sound like those kids in the emperor’s new groove or something!! I do not even know how their tongues move that fast!! One of the boys also started speaking to me in English a little bit and he was good! He is going into the third grade and he already knows a good amount of English! El es muy inteligente!
Anyways we left the site and dropped the kids and Millie’s mom back off and then took the car back to the school. We stopped by Millie’s aunt’s house on the way home. She was so sweet; I really enjoyed talking to her and I told her I will be coming by everyday so I can talk to her and practice my Spanish. Thankfully she agreed to practice with me and she also makes and sells enchiladas so maybe she will feed me sometimes too!!
Yes tomorrow I start my Spanish class!!! I am kind of nervous because I have to go around and find people to talk to and it is going to be so difficult and embarrassing!!! But I guess this whole trip seems to be humbling me every step of the way. I guess I do need that. But I will go to the school tomorrow from 8-10am and talk to one of the teachers who speaks English and she is going to help me with my Spanish. So let us hope it all goes well. And hopefully this all works and I will be speaking Spanish when I come back. All of the Spanish speakers here tell me I will but I just do not see how it is possible so far…. We will see I guess!!!! Wish me luck!!


  1. haha i am putting dpr time to good use making accounts so i can comment on your stories!!

  2. i love that you keep your blog so updated! i definitely don't ... you've inspired me, i'll work on that.

    i was just going to say it's so interesting, i was reading and just nodding my head with everything you were saying! i've been waking up 5:30/6 every morning and going to bed super early, the sun goes down at like ... 7. and I can't go out after dark really, so there's not much else to do besides homework and sleep. and there are ZERO clean dogs here! they're nasty. and everyone talking so fast you don't even know what they're saying?! yup. every where i turn. and it's in spanish AND kriol!

    anyway, i think you are awesome! and i hope we both come back fluent so we can talk to each other in spanish ... although i'm pretty discouraged about it right now. we got time, though!